Cambridge South Mixed
1 - 3
St Ives Mixed

One for the Fans

Everyone loves mixed hockey! It's always sunny! People are usually a little hung-over (or a lot, JJ)! And everyone has fun.

The team looked strong. However, JJ and James were no-shows so we were stuck with just five men. Not a problem, these are young, fit, athletic…Tom's already pulled his hamstring? Good start - only four men! Harry Lewis would be so proud.

The game was fast paced from the start. Jo Dant was making some great runs into the D from the right, earning him some Man of the Match votes and an early goal. He sneaked into the D, put in a blinding cross that sent the St Ives defenders into a panic and popped it into their own goal. One-nil.

St Ives responded quickly, building up play and sending some danger balls into South's D. After an extensive mêlée the ball slipped past Jason (and the amazing technicolour keeper kit). One-all, a travesty! At this point Tom hobbled off to be replaced by Robyn, who combined with Charlotte at the back to do a much better job at defending, mopping up the St Ives attacks left, right and centre.

South cracked on, looking to get back in front. Ollie and Wilco were making great plays in the middle and spinning between sticks to pass the ball through to the forwards. Alice and Jess were linking up well to create some chances at the baseline and even win a few short corners (where communication broke down after two runners were sent back to half-way - apparently no-one understands Ollie's sign language, even Ollie…).

In the second half St Ives found their rhythm, and also how to pass, creating a lot of opportunities that put Jason under pressure in the goal. South kept building up from the back, using Hannah, Laurie and Dani to create space on the wings and feed the forwards. Amalia and Stephen were dribbling around St Ives players and passing the ball to make fast, flowing hockey.

However St Ives looked dangerous on the attack and managed to grab another goal and then a third from a well worked short corner routine, leaving the final score three-one to St Ives.

Man of the Match went to Charlotte Wilson, who was steadfast at the back stopping wave after wave of St Ives attacks.

Lemon was shared by JJ (Or Nay-Nay, as one vote put it) and James for their disappearing act.

A special mention to the fans who turned out to support/heckle; just remember to always bring your kit to mixed games!

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