1 - 0

Man of the match

Jason Mann

Super saves throughout the game

Lemon of the match

Graham McCulloch

Graham, don't leave!

Owen Harrison

Ran out of steam towards the end of the game so decided to take two minutes on the naughty step

When is Graham's Leaving Do?

Stu Rimmer

South lined up in their last pre-season game with some of the squad wondering when the mid-season break was coming. Rumours were that Harry Chalk was on his way but, just like the summer sunshine, he never came.

The game started at a high pace with South holding on to the ball for long periods. Bury set a high press which galvanised South into some slick play to work up the pitch. Bury probably started the stronger team but were wasteful with a number of short corners going wide or being broken down by a firm defence.

Half time saw new coach Paul remind the team to increase the ball pace and keep making runs into space, encouraging the strikers to keep their movement across the pitch. The advice worked and South pressed hard from the start of the second half, winning some shorties and getting into the opposition D numerous times. A well worked long corner resulted in a dramatic dive from Rimmer (more of that to come later in the game) and (new) Harry slotted home from the resulting corner. Four goals in two games is a decent start for the new man.

The game continued to open up in the last ten minutes, with Colin throwing a variety of aerials around the pitch at leisure, and strong tackles coming from both sides. Bury continued to play a very appealing style of hockey but with little to show for it as Jason swatted away every effort on goal.

Man of the match was firmly snapped up by Jason, with honours even between Owen (for his two minute breather late on) and Graham for lemon.

Which brings us to the "big man" himself.

Some say…he has grown in the last year, and knows how to score goals but, having witnessed very little of either in recent weeks, we can only reflect on his past performances.

I'm reliably informed by our web site (we have a web site?!) that Graham does know how to play hockey:

Graham, thanks for your time with South, we wish you well as you head to the far east next week.

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