3 - 1

Man of the match

Alice Wright

Great play and goal!

Lemon of the match

The torrential rain

First it rained, then it poured…

Technicoloured Formations/Subbing Strategy Does Work!

Laurie McKenzie

After much checking of names whilst huddling in the changing rooms hoping the flood would pass, a team full with 50% new players was reluctantly coerced out of the shed on to the pitch for a brief warm up/pre-match soaking.

Despite losing the cosy Sneady-shed toss, we made for a spritely start, getting in some nice passing, dominating possession and putting pressure on Bourne's D. After lots of chances, it was Alice who carefully carved the ball through a sea of defenders off her reverse, into the goal for our first goal of the season. A suitably impressive start to scoring!

A small drama occurred with the ball being lifted by the Bourne victim into her own nose during a heated defence of yet another of our attacks. Noses always are dramatic!

A prolonged period of more great team work, (seemingly) eventually resulted in the ball coming from our hard-working midfield to be fed to Emily, who slotted in our second goal. A real team goal!

Jelly babies and Haribo Sours consumed, we set out for the second half hoping to emulate more of the same. In reality, we came back out rather soggy and cold whereas our opposition returned revived by the return to the pitch of their injured captain. It was a much more even second half, with our defensive back line pushed back to our own D rather than near the halfway line. Eventually Bourne broke through to slip it around Lydia to come back to two-one, having taken it all around our D beforehand. Not long after this, a South foot intercepting a ball en route to our goal triggered the excitement of a flick! But fear not - Lydia obviously deftly saved it!

For a short time South lets our heads drop a bit and possession was more equal for a period. However, consistent simple passing, switching and retaining of possession resulted in the ball coming from midfield up the right, for Lauren to cross into the top of the D. The ball deflected towards Rebecca, who neatly slotted in our third goal. It was good to come back and finish strong, dominating possession, having lost our momentum a bit in the second half.

Overall a very exciting, promising start to season, with great team work throughout the game, only damned by the cruel weather! Despite strong contention from "lost keys" shortly discovered in a pocket…and hooking of sticks in football netting whilst retrieving balls…the weather was the eventual Lemon vote-winner. However, The Man of the Match was more of a runaway victory for Alice, but two votes for Lauren and single votes for Maria, Rebecca and Laurie reflected the strong team performance.

Special mention must also go to our sole intrepid supporter, Charlotte's Dad, who also gamely (and successfully) orchestrated my colourful but convoluted fifteen-man-subbing-strategy from the cover of the golfing umbrella! Your help and support was greatly appreciated!

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