0 - 1

Man of the match

Alice Wright

Super work rate and silky skills

Lemon of the match

Blythe Murphy

Take out timeeee

Izzy MacDonald-Parry

Pirouette and plonk

New Week, New Us

Blythe Murphy

Breakfast at the Farm

The L1s started off the day in the best way possible, breakfast at the farm.

Dog playing: 10/10 (Burt is a hero)
Tea (flowing): 9/10
Sausages: 8/10
Bacon: 7/10 (could have been crispier)
Sausage innuendos: 10/10

Pre-match ritual

Following extensive negotiations for spaces in the cars, the L1s made their way to Peterborough for the game.

Visit to the castle: 10/10
Reception at Peterborough: 0/10
Heating in the changing room: 0/10
Wait time before the game: 1/10

First Half

After an extensive wait time before getting on the pitch, we got going.

Kim's new formation: 7/10 (L1s dominated the first half with fast paced exciting hockey, the new formation working wonders)
Cambridge South press: 10/10 (they had nowhere to go)
We were great, little to report on: 8/10

Half-time Talk

Jelly Babies at half time: 0/10 (non-existent)

Second half

The lack of jelly babies led to a weaker second half performance: the sausages had worn off.

Muzza's egg head: 9/10
Last minute subs during short corners: 1/10
Blythe's rugby tackle on a five year old: 10/10 (spectacular)
Taking a seat instead of scoring deflections: 10/10
Last five minutes of the game: 0/10 (Peterborough goal from a short corner)
Appreciation of Peterborough's post match celebration: 0/10


Biscuit selection: 7/10 (could have done with a chocolate covered Hobnob)
Ability to take home 10+ biscuits ninja style: 11/10
MOM: Alice Wright - superstar striker
LOM: Blythe Murphy - took out a child
      : Izzy MacDonald-Parry - missing an open goal

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