2 - 4

Man of the match

Cassie Woodfin

Loopy watch out!

Lemon of the match

Laura Edge

Christmas meal?! It's not even December!

A Rainy Day in Royston

Elaine Paterson

Sorry, what was that? Short? And again? And again? Aaaaand again? Really? Great. Cheers! Oh WHAT! It's started raining shorts? And NOT in favour of South.

Well it didn't affect the outstanding play by Cambridge L4s vs Royston L3s this week. With two new U16 players on the pitch and half the team made up of semi-new players, it was a cracking game. The Ladies’ 4s took the lead in the first half and were up two-one thanks to some on-point goals by Emily Stevenson. The second half started well, but sadly Royston pipped in a couple of cheeky goals in the final fifteen minutes, finishing with a four-two win.

Lemon of the Match to Laura Edge… Where were you, mate?! Man of the Match was awarded to Cassie Woodfin for amazing keeping… Watch out Loopy…

(Is that long enough, Jan?!)

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