0 - 1

Man of the match

Robyn McLean

good tackles and defending

Georgie Hurford

good tackles and defending

Lemon of the match

Robyn McLean

kidney punching the Captain

Slap in the kidneys

Robyn McLean

We arrived at a very wet and windy Long Road for our midday match versus Cambridge Uni 2s. Our motivational team chat from skipper Kim in the changing rooms got us pumped, we were ready to hit the ground running, although there was a problem, we only had one umpire, where is Sneade?! With 10mins to go before PB Neil arrives on his bike, he informs us he was late because he was redesigning the new CSHC crest and lost track of time, earning him a couple of LEMON votes.

Right from the very first whistle, Uni came out of the blocks hard, they were very fit (average age of 18) and playing nice hockey. We did spend most of the first half defending, hit out after hit out, sideline after sideline but we managed to keep Uni out of our D most of the time, putting in great tackles all over the pitch, Loopy only had to make one save and we didn't concede at all during the first 35mins! There were too many hit outs to count on two hands but one to remember was when Robs Mc lifted a slapped ball right into the back of poor Kimbo, Robs you LEMON but really who needs kidneys anyway #sorrybut... ;) Standout performance from George at the back putting in tackle and tackle and good defending from Robs Mc and B-Murph earning them MOM votes.

With all this defending we were chomping at the bit to do some attacking, and our efforts were rewarded; Alice Hug had a one on one with the keeper, Alison had a good chance on the P spot, Sophie and Alice also having their chances up front, we even managed to win a penalty corner but unfortunately we just couldn't convert. 0-0 at half time.

The second half was even stevens, we put on the pressure on Uni, making them transfer around the back, forcing them to make mistakes. We were looking strong, playing some lovely hockey. With 10 mins to go they were playing a lot of hockey in our 25, we were defending hard as a team, Kim got pushed over, Uni's 'manager' got irate on the sideline. We tried but we couldn't keep Uni at bay, with 2 mins to go, Uni won a short corner, we almost managed to clear the ball but unfortunately conceded a second short in the process. Second attempt for Uni, slipping it right they had a cracking shot which we couldn't stop... 1-0 to Uni. With less than a minute to go, we reset and a couple of passes into pass back the full time whistle went.

We gave it a good go, it was a better performance from South and a better result in terms of goals scored against and possession than the first meeting, so there are lots of positives to take away and be proud of. We have a Saturday off before our game faces are back on for the next big match against City. Bring it on.

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