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Man of the match

Meg Mylrea

Awesome mid-fielding.

Lemon of the match

Meg Mylrea

Spectacular fall & sat on the ball in the process.

Unfortunately We Only Had 11 Players; Fortunately We Won!

Jess Langford

Fortunately, the L3s managed to scramble together enough players for a team. Unfortunately, having only eleven players meant everyone had to work really hard. Fortunately, even though we were tired we kept going and pushed on.

Unfortunately, there were a few new players so names were a challenge. Fortunately, the team came together and communicated well to win. Unfortunately, the score did not reflect the quality of the game.

Fortunately, South started strong and quickly won a short corner. Unfortunately, the ball was stopped on the line by the opposition. Fortunately, that led to a penalty flick which Lauren scored.

Unfortunately, it was raining. Fortunately, Sharnbrook is miles and miles from anywhere so it had lightened up by the time we got there. Unfortunately, the pitch was really slippy which meant a few people fell over. Fortunately, when Megan fell on her bum she carried on and made a great recovery. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), she went on to take out one of the opposition.

Fortunately, the defence of Ani, Janette and Zara didn't get cold today. Unfortunately, the opposition kept checking they were awake. Fortunately, we had Lou in goal to shout directions. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well. Fortunately, she didn't see much of the ball.

Unfortunately, Megan and Sarah (veteran defenders) were pushed up into midfield and had to do a lot of running. Fortunately, they distributed the ball well to the forwards of Jess MK, Lauren and newcomer Trina and used the width, which created opportunities in the D. Unfortunately, this led to Hayley nutting the goalie. Fortunately (for the goalie), she was wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, Hayley wasn't. Fortunately, Sarah stepped up to take the subsequent bully. Unfortunately, it had been a while and she couldn't remember how.

Fortunately, we got on with it. Unfortunately, we didn't win many short corners. Fortunately, we couldn't score from any shorts anyway so it didn't matter.

Unfortunately, Laurie was in Manchester and missed us maintaining our 100% record.

Fortunately, we went to the pub afterwards. Unfortunately, the fire was fake. Fortunately, there were chips!

Megan was nominated MoM for: great runs, keeping width, great tackles and ball control. Other nominees were: Jess MK (for great positioning and shots on goal), Lauren B (for being a trooper and playing the entire match) and me (for amazing "midfield skills", being everywhere and great passes).

Megan was also LoM for falling on her butt but recovering well. Zara was nominated for falling over and not wearing astros. Hayley was nominated for nutting the goalkeeper.

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