3 - 1

Man of the match

Alex West

Volunteering to be goalkeeper and being amazing at it!

Back With a Win

Ky Ho

South had Andi Caddy and Oli Weston playing their first games for the club, and Alex West bravely went in goal, all of whom did extremely well. Also represented were three members of the Ho family and two members of the Creed family, and a few others.

A leaner looking Mr Raikes got South off to a flyer with a neatly taken reverse hit, one that would have had Mr Barton green with envy had he been there to see it himself. One-nil. Soon after, it was two-nil, with Adrian showing us how hard and high he could hit the ball. For the first twenty minutes or so it was all South, with Alex feeling a little redundant. During this phase, South could have been four or five goals up.

As often happens at St Neots, they came back out of the blue and started winning short corners and free hits and eventually scored from a shot corner, making it two-one. As the first half drew to a close, South started reasserting control. Notably, Alex also made a couple of good saves when St Neots had their brief period of dominance

The second half was more even. St Neots started passing the ball neatly but South also played some nice stuff, with Peter's persistent right wing play, Laurie making a few forward forays and Oli hugging the left line well. In the end, it was Adrian who again showed everyone how to strike the ball and put South three-one up.

Lots of good hockey, played in good spirits. We played well as a team and a good start for the new comers.

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