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Man of the match

Ed Bligh

Hard-working performance

Lemon of the match

Oli Anderson


Seeing as no-one else is going to...

Jan Brynjolffssen

An Umpires eye view, written some weeks after the event. Any errors or omission are... because the match was ages ago!

First half - not great. Structure and effort not up to the required levels, leading to Hertford powering into a 4-0 interval lead.

Second half - much better. Nev's (second) teamtalk appeared to have worked wonders! Rob pulled one back with a trademark reverse stick shot. Toby got the second when a half-cleared ball dropped to him with space and time at the top of the circle; cue a fizzing drag-flick. The third was the best of the bunch, a sharp passing moving ending with Oli's cross turned home by Will on the full-length dive - a proper Hockey goal that.

There was even a clear chance for an equaliser, but a sweep into an open goal was missed and the ball hit a South foot instead. Hertford made the most of this let-off and sealed the win with around 10 minutes to play when a crash ball into the circle was deflected in.

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