4 - 2

Man of the match

Jimmy Wood

Excellence all over the pitch.

Lemon of the match

George Toynton

A multi-way tie was resolved in George's "favour" by his mate.

Hertford (in Hertfordshire)

George Toynton

The team email was sent out and it said that I (George) was going to be playing outfield: not only outfield, but as centre forward…

   George Toynton (CF)   

So, I was buzzing for this game. Unfortunately, it was a lie! I had to sit in the goal again, miles away from the game. With the bright sunlight in my eyes this meant that I missed most of the important moments in the game. So, I can’t tell you guys too much about it.

What I do know though is that Jimmy had an absolutely terrible game, only getting two goals and setting up the others with some blinding pace from the left side; he completely destroyed the opposition. Did no one tell him that this was a friendly? After all, we were trying to be nice to Hertford, which for some people is news that it is in Hertfordshire.

Jimmy scored the first two goals with his now-infamous shot which is to be feared. And someone else scored the third goal: this was when the sun was in my eyes so I can’t tell you about this. The last goal was set up by Jimmy with a simple pass to Oli at the back post to tap in. [Ed - Oli's goal made it two-two. The last was Jimmy with a simple pass for Nev on the p-spot to slap in]

Now, seeing as it was a friendly it would only be right to give the other team some goals. But really the other team stole these, with textbook passing out to the wing then bringing the ball back into the D, then a pass around some more, lastly a devious pass to the back post: this was a great team goal. The other ‘act’ of kindness was to give away a short corner, I think for a back stick? Again, Hertford took this well with a really well drilled short corner routine, seeing the ball land in the back of the net.

Seeing as this was a friendly it was only right that we shared the ball with them, something South did really well numerous times, with pinpoint accuracy to pass the ball to a Hertford stick. But overall the day was really enjoyable, a game that I would not want to miss, unlike our team captains, John Greaves and Rob Barton, as well as the countless others who were too busy spying on Cambridge Nomads. You see, today was the day we could have won the league, we just needed Nomads to lose. Only time will tell. [Ed - it'll need to wait until next week…]


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