10 - 0

Man of the match

Katie Gibson

Great runs up the wing and a stunning goal!

Lemon of the match

Alice Wright

Smelly Alice!

Run the Pitch by Kayonce ft. Smelly Alice

Emma Saynor

Finally, the day dawned for our first meeting with Wisbech this season. As the sun came out, they had no excuses this time around!

The skipper was so excited about the game, she planned a whole half term trip around it and headed up a couple of days in advance. A few others made their own way, with only three cars heading out of Cambridge, one being driven by our very own Sasha Fierce… You may have wondered why you have never seen Beyoncé and Katie G in a photo together, or in the same room. Well, there is a VERY simple explanation – they are one and the same. Granny G is the pop diva and, from her own mouth, she has the moves to prove it… We look forward to seeing her on the dancefloor at South's home club, the mighty Regal. Until then, we'll call her Kayoncé.

So, with a cheeky pitstop at Morrisons - partly to get Janette off our back end…talk about tailgating! - we made it to the pitch. The warm up comprised a short tour of the local area and then a speedy warm up before push back.

As all of the players on both teams began playing in the Wisbech half, the ginger goalie took a pew. She had woken up and destroyed her duvet after a restless sleep, she fed the dogs, walked them and grabbed her kit. Headed to the shed to grab the goalie kit…thinking she might need it. She headed to the car and took a scenic route along winding roads in the soft winter sun, her ginger locks glinting in the rays. At the pitch, she wondered if wearing her arm pads was necessary…unlikely, but she put them on nevertheless. #SafetyFirst

Back to the match, South kept smashing the ball toward the goal, mainly at the goalie but some went in. Kayoncé started her hat-trick spree as she went 'to the left, to the left.'

Back to Emma, still sitting down; its's a shame she's a ginger otherwise some tan lines may have been a possibility. At the other end, the goalie had spotted the other ginger as Keyoncé made another sneaky run.

At half time, Emma had to pull herself to her feet and exert some energy to switch ends.

The second half got underway with some more skilful South play, and defender Mel smashed in the goal of the day. #MelOfTheMatch

So with a ten-nil win under our belts we heads to teas, only slightly put off our food by learning that Alice hadn't washed her shirt from the previous week. But we still necked down some soup and doughnuts before heading back on the bumpy road home.

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