4 - 1

Man of the match

Jason 'JJ' James

Mr Dependable; midfield fulcrum. Heartbeat of the team…

Lemon of the match

Jason 'JJ' James

…apart from THAT pass.

Win Number 19 to Finish a Fine Season

John Greaves

We lost the early season fixture against John Benedikz's gang, and generously allowed Mr B to score. We weren't about to allow this to happen again. We thought.

Okay, we got the win, by some margin, due to…

We did complicate things by mixing in some free hits aimed roughly at head height, and some novel passing on to Newmarket feet when other options seemed frankly too conventional. These paled into insignificance beside a bizarrely slick move when Jason James, otherwise a deserving MoM winner at the centre of midfield for his control of the game and constantly effective tackling and passing, managed to deliver a pinpoint cross IN OUR OWN D to that man John Benedikz, who buried the ball into the net from a narrow angle. This was enough to earn JJ the Lemon vote, and the third time in the season when MoM=LoM.

Everyone else contributed to a decent overall team performance with a reshaped line up.

And so a triumphant 2017/18 season ends on a high: nineteen wins; Div 6NW(S) champions by seven points; over one-hundred goals. Roll on Div 5.

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