0 - 2

Man of the match

Sean Gardiner

Some brilliant saves but use your feet as well next time, Sean!

Lemon of the match

Steve Browne

A record number of LoM votes for a perfectly executed stumble

A Slight Stumble…

Howard 'Assassin' Steed

Our strategy for this match was based on the assumptions that our Cambridge neighbours would be a) unfit and b) a little rusty following no-shows by the opposition for their first two league matches. Unfortunately, they arrived with a very keen and youthful looking squad, rendering our assumptions flawed!

Unperturbed by this the home team made their now-characteristic strong start, pressing the visitors hard during the first ten minutes of the half, but without any real scoring opportunities. Nomads soon found their rhythm however and it wasn’t long before they were pushing into the South D, forcing ‘Nomads defector’ Sean G to make some spectacular saves, many with his stick…someone should have reminded him he could use his feet as well! Mid-way through the half Nomads found a way through the South defence and past our gargantuan keeper, followed shortly by a second. Despite this the home team kept their composure and the visitors never really looked adding to their account during the remainder of the half.

South continued to press hard after the break and there were several half chances, including one where Howard S received the ball on the edge of D and fired it into Rob B lingering a couple of metres out from the goal line. The Nomads keeper was on it though and quickly went to ground to deflect the incoming shot. Several powerful clearances by the South defence found their targets, giving the midfield and forward line the opportunity to launch some promising counterattacks, one catching Steve B quite literally on the hop as he turned to receive the ball and immediately fell flat on his back, earning a well-deserved LoM and leaving serial LoM’er Andy T a distant second!

The remaining minutes of the second half were a bit of a damp squib (a bit like the weather!) with neither team really looking like adding to their tally so the match ended two-nil to the visitors.

Nomads were definitely the stronger and better drilled team, but South M5s continued to show the spirit and commitment that has earned us two emphatic wins out of three games so far this season, so lots to be positive about as we travel to St Ives next weekend!

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