2 - 0

Man of the match

Jenny Taylor

Fantastic returning performance

Grace Blackwell

Solid as usual

Lemon of the match

Izzy Echenique

Teeny tiny waterbottle

Will It Ever Stop Raining?

Izzy Echenique

Another good win for the L2s this week, two-nil against Cambridge Nomads 2s. Despite the rainy weather, we pulled it off! We were persistent from the start to the end with some solid play and teamwork from every player. We started a little slowly but when we finally pushed through the Nomads’ defenders, Dani A, after an amazing run up the wing, crossed it to Izzy MP who did a beautiful sweep into the goal. Not much later we got back into the Nomads’ D and Eimear did a stunning reverse flick making it two-nil before half time! The whistle blew for half time and we got a motivational talk from Paul, who kindly came to watch us play (in the rain, again!)

In the second half there was a lot more communication between us all and the intensity improved. Even though we battled the ball through into the Nomads’ defensive third a number of times we didn’t manage to sneak in another goal. Our defenders worked hard to clear anything that came their way and Louise made a cracking save off a deflected shot. Nomads made us work hard, and while it wasn’t our strongest performance we pulled together and got another win.

Men of the match were Jenny and Grace. Jenny for a fantastic and strong returning performance and Grace for being solid as usual. Izzy Ech got Lemon of the match for her teeny tiny water bottle!

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