12 - 0

Man of the match

Lauren Coates

Speedy running and great ball distribution

Lemon of the match

Jess Woodhouse

Using Izzy as target practice

10/10 Team & 10 Reasons Why…

Jess Woodhouse

  1. Harriet brought a Mum speaker to the game; yes, Mum speaker, because it was embarrassingly big and actually probably a guitar amp. But this possibly made for the best warm up!

  2. Harley is the best mascot and supports every game. If you see a dog on the side line at the upcoming games, go and give him a stroke.

  3. Izzy opened the scoring in the first two minutes by picking up a rebound off a lovely shot on goal by Dani A.

  4. There was lots of speedy running from every member of the team.

  5. Goals were flowing throughout the whole game. We racked up nine goals in the first half collectively by Amalia, Annie, Jess, Dani A, Izzy and Eimear.

  6. Lydia practised her cartwheels in the goal as she waited for St Neots to put their attacking heads on.

  7. Every South player was an attacker throughout the whole game, even our defensive line of Ellie, H and Aoife.

  8. South’s speedy legs spread the man of the match votes across a number of players. Lauren, Annie and Sarah all got votes, but it was Lauren who took the overall award with lots of running and awesome passing throughout the whole game.

  9. Izzy was a great ball target and bruises like a peach. Jess discovered this by hitting Izzy a number of times and gaining lemon of the match.

  10. The Ladies 2s won 12-0 with their dream team. WHICH MEANS WE’VE WON 10/10 games, making the Ladies 2s a 10/10 team.

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