4 - 1

Man of the match

Lauren 'Centurion' Brown

Netting the p-flick & great stealthy work in the attacking D!

Lemon of the match

Rhi Davies

Turned up with an unfortunate brown stain up the back of her trackies… & secured her fate, falling over again during the game!

Potential Banana Skin Dodged! Better Result Than Either Game Last Season Too!

Olivia Doggett

As the L3s made our way to Long Road in the wind and the rain, sleep in our eyes, we were not feeling prepared for the match ahead of us. However, a motivational team talk from Laurie (“They’re going to come out hard so we’re going to come out harder,” seems to be our team tactic this season) and a sudden change in the weather brightened our spirits. Pathetic fallacy? I think so. And we were ready to take on Royston 2s.

They had first pushback. The ball was out hard but quickly won by South, making a strong lead towards the D. Great start, ladies! After a series of short, sharp passes (which I think even Dave would be happy with) we won the first short of many. Soon after that a penalty flick was awarded to us. It was Lauren B who stepped up to take it (MoM-worthy effort for sure) and popped it effortlessly into the back of the goal. With our spirits high, the umpire called another short - this time it was Rhi who smashed in a goal for us.

After half time Royston (as predicted) came back fighting but so did we with another goal from Lauren B. Another short was given to us - Tuffers received the ball from Lauren at top D, dribbled around two players and sent it straight into the back of the goal. The score was four-one but Royston were not giving up easily.

As the game was drawing to a close tensions were running high, as demonstrated by Janette’s Usain Bolt-esq sprint all the way down the wing to support our attackers. A short was awarded to us just as the final whistle blew. The match concluded with a series of somewhat chaotic shorts in which all members of both teams could play in the attacking twenty-three; unsurprisingly, not a single shot on goal went in due to the sheer amount of feet getting in the way (hence why there were so many shorts).

Overall a great game in which we were able to practice everything we've learnt in training over the last few weeks; a result and a large number of bruises (mainly on Emma) that we should be impressed with.

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