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Man of the match

James Hayes

Lung-busting performance in defensive midfield

Lemon of the match

Tom South

Leaning against the astro fence, watching the match go by…

View From the Sideline

Tom South


Pre-match prep was taken more seriously by some (insert picture of Oli S here) but with the commandment of the captain to take our match kit to the next level, the whole team bought into the spirit, taking the team to new, fluffy heights of bonding.


Having played March away as a very close loss, the team geared up for another tough game. However, the hangover was strong with some on the morning and with minimal warm-up time alongside staggered arrivals, South were not in the best mind-set to start the first half. As always a slow beast to awaken, March quickly took advantage with some very impressive forward skill. Conceding one and then another in quick succession, South heads began to bow and, following a short corner strike, the score by half time was three-nil to March despite some very impressive defensive work from the team (special mention to James for MoM). Despite the poor showing, Owen can be quoted from the side-lines (yes, still injured - pathetic, you would never catch me in that situation) saying that it actually looked like a close match, with give and take on both sides but few South chances in front of goal.

Half-time match talks: JJ gets the now well-rehearsed pep talk ready and, with some good feedback points to build on, South felt motivated and ready for a new half of gameplay. Right off the start of the March pushback South pressured back. Multiple attacks in the first few minutes seemed to take the wind out of the March sails as their counter-attacks proved non-existent. This didn’t last for long (just like my hamstring) as March started to regroup and pushed back. One insane goal from the March centre forward (drag flick into top corner) and one insanely lucky goal which somehow made its way into the goal had March a further two goals up in the second half as well. Through the stoic support from the sidelines, Jelley was inspired to lift the ball over the goalkeeper to score a literal last second goal, with cheers from the supporters.


A disappointing final result of five-one to March but with a solid second half showing of two-one, we need to be more focused at the start so we don’t let the opposition take the upper hand. One last match next week to end the year - make sure you guys get a win! Pleasure playing with you all and hopefully I’ll be around for a few more matches in the new year!

P.S. Finally someone else has to take the Lemon mantle - I respectfully pass it on (Dave, at least next time mention you’ve run into the post pre-vote)

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