0 - 3

Man of the match

Mike Gillingham

Heroic between the posts

Lemon of the match

Sean Gardiner

Or to be more precise, Sean's knee

Consistency Isn't Everything

John Greaves

M5s' hockey is not like wot other teams play…

…End of.

At least we are consistent.

The actual goal mouth action had variety:

  1. The Rock moved. Unfortunately, to where the centre forward with the ball wasn't. He is allowed one slip up per game and was otherwise immaculate, patrolling the final third and repelling all boarders. One-nil.

  2. Rasping long range effort. Unstoppable, even by maestro keeper, Mike, whose gazelle-like jumps and dives to thwart other shots throughout the game earned him MoM honours. Two-nil.

  3. Goalmouth scramble almost blocked by Luke Bevanwalker flinging himself at the net-bound effort, only to see it dribble over the line. Three-nil

And that was the first half.

Second half goalless, with Cambridge South unlucky not to get a consolation goal or two; stymied by lack of that final ball into the D. St Neots remained on top though, but couldn't get through the hard working never-giving-up M5 warriors, who showed great spirit, sticking close when marking, and hassling St Neots's players on the ball whenever we could.

Speaking of which, Sean Gardiner's knee won the LoM plaudits by getting in the way of various opponents (accidentally, m'lud) and wiping out a couple of teammates somewhat bizarrely. The rest of Sean was as marauding and effective as ever, striking fear into anyone within twenty yards and constantly trying to turn defence into attack.

When the M5s made space and passed early we showed promise. Sadly, not enough to compete with an unexpectedly experienced and confident home team.

After match teas at the Anchor in Little Paxton were good, and St Neots good hosts.

Time for a Christmas break. We look forward to the second half of the season, hoping it will reflect our balance of performances in matches and is an improvement on the first.

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