2 - 2

Man of the match

Blythe Murphy

1st goal scored EVER!

Lemon of the match

Nichola Fennell

Naughty naughty - green & yellow cards

What’s My Name Again?

Nichola Fennell

After a longer than expected drive the L1s arrived at Long Sutton, with several players at varying stages of a hangover and one even having a little mouth vom (Alice Hug).

Once on the pitch, the South ladies started strong and managed a short corner within the first minute of the game but unfortunately couldn’t make anything from it, a trend that carried on throughout the game. Struggling with the pace of the pitch, South conceded two goals during a matter of minutes, one from a short and the other from a sideline ball. Despite excellent play by the forward line and and several short corner opportunities, we couldn’t convert our attack into points. Our girls prevailed and fought back, however, with a cracking goal scored by our savvy center back, Blythe, for her first ever goal! Half time was called with the score sitting at two-one to Long Sutton.

*Jelly Baby Interval*

South started the second half fighting, with the front line of Alice Wright, Alice Hug and Annie Quantrill battling hard. This hard work paid off with a goal by Robyn Murray, set up beautifully by Emily Morris (bottom left corner), making the score two-two. The second half was a lot more organized for the South side, holding structure and controlling the play much better. One side of the pitch caused issues to players by adding an extra slippery challenge to the game, with several players ending up off their feet and on their bums. A tense final five minutes ended with Long Sutton winning a short corner in the final play of the game. Excellent defending from Amalia ensured that the ball was cleared out and the game ended in a draw.

Nichola saw herself sitting on the naughty step not once but twice, earning her a well deserved Lemon title. Honorary Lemon mention goes to George for an awkward name muddle at teas…not that I’m mad or anything…or the name Nic is difficult to spell…

Several star performances came from Amalia, Loopy in goal and Robyn Murray but the shiniest star of all was a very humble Blythe for her first ever goal! Robyn Murray also deserves an honorary mention for her excellent baking skills.

The South gals were keen to get on the road post-match to glitter up and celebrate the end of the first half of the season. Merry Christmas one and all!

Match report by Karen (obvs) a.k.a. Nic

Major shout out to Nic and Karen for being queens at beer pong, unbeaten and accepting all challengers.

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