5 - 0

Man of the match

Izzy MacDonald-Parry

A general all round 10/10

Lemon of the match

Annie Quantrill

Throwing the ball at an opponent's back in an attempt to roll it for a long corner

Roll not Throw

Annie Quantrill

Great job all round.

Over and out.


XOXO Gossip Girlllllllll

Editor’s Additions:

Blow-by-blow of Jess’s first goal, as requested by H. H took the sideline ball, was fouled; the opposition weren’t 5; she took the ball and passed it to Izzy, who ran down the wing, drove to the baseline and pulled it back to Jess; who flicked it into the goal.

Overall, a very good performance and a convincing win over a team that are in the division above us.

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