5 - 0

Man of the match

Lemon of the match

Annie Quantrill

Aggressive throwing

Roll not throw

Annie Quantrill

LOM - Annie for throwing a ball at the opposition’s back in an attempt to roll it for a long corner.

MOM - Izzy for being a general all round 10/10.

Great job all round.

Over and out.


Xoxo Gossip Girlllllllll

Editors Additions:

  • Our first goal came in the second quarter, after Izzy intercepted a Royston hit out and slipped the ball to Annie who pushed the ball wide of the keeper
  • Annie went for goal number two to put us up to 2-0 at half time
  • We passed the ball around and created 2-v-1s to cut out Royston’s players
  • Jess added two more goals to her tally
  • Izzy scored a rocket of a straight strike from a short corner
  • Jenny threw in an aerial
  • The defence held the back solidly and switched the play well
  • Annie finally has an adult sized stick
  • Jess made it through a whole game without hitting Izzy with the ball
  • Everyone worked hard and finally burned off their Christmas turkey

  • Blow by blow of Jess’ first goal, as requested by H - H took the sideline ball, was fouled, the opposition weren’t 5. She took the ball and passed it to Izzy, who ran down the wing, drove the baseline, pulled it back to Jess who flicked it in to the goal.

    Overall, a very good performance and a convincing win over a team that are in the league above us.

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