4 - 2

Man of the match

Hayley Pryke

Aggressive defence & tackling, then distribution when back in midfield

Lemon of the match

Rhi Davies

Completed the availability Doodle after 1 too many prosecco & entered herself as "Thu" much to the confusion of her captain & others... She also pulled off a spectacular scissor-splayed leg crossing manoeuvre mid-match…but dodged the first head injury of 2019

Great Start to 2019!

Jasmine Ong

It was the first game back after the Christmas break for the L3s team. Everyone arrived on a cold winter's morning to discover that two of our defenders couldn’t play. This meant a change in positioning with the midfields playing a quarter each in the defensive line and the defenders playing the whole duration of the game.

The game began at 10.30 and the L3s seemed more awake than the opposition from the starting whistle. Our first goal came from a great attacking play, with Rhi hitting the ball inches away from the goal only to be stopped by Lauren, who poached Rhi’s goal, making it one-nil.

Unfortunately Royston scored shortly after, with the ball travelling through many of both teams’ legs and into the right corner of the goal. This didn’t stop the L3s as once more we had an attacking opportunity, with nearly all our team having touches in the D as Ali said from the sideline, “Surely this has to go in.” Luckily, Kath scored to make it two-one. The next goal was scored by Emily as she raised the ball past the keeper’s right arm and smoothly into the goal, making it three-one at half time.

After half time the L3s came back still full of energy, with Rhi maybe being too eager as she passed the ball whilst performing a sort of split position, leading her to be Lemon of the Match (despite her effort not to have another LoM by calling herself ‘Thu’).

The L3s continued the attacking play in the second half as Laurie made a great pass to Jasmine, out on the left, with her then passing across the D where Lauren finished the play with another goal. Sadly, just before the end of a strong game Royston got one more goal, which meant the final score was four-two.

Man of the Match went to Hayley for her strong tackles in defence, where she had volunteered to play as we were lacking in defenders, and for also playing equally well when she was back in midfield, which led to her gaining six votes.

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