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Man of the match

James Bailey

Bossed the midfield All Day Long

Lemon of the match

Bhav Virdi

Crazy aerial

The Life and Thoughts of a Hockey Goalkeeper

Darren Farmer

The first thought for the Satuarday’s game comes on Thursday evening, when the team sheet gets sent out. Hmm who’s in the side, who’s in my defence? I look; oh good, I’ve got five defenders. My mind can now relax.

Friday. Hard day at work plastering a very large ceiling, which my shoulder will not thank me for in the morning. The only benefit of the job is I’ll be finished early.

Home and having a cup of tea at 3.50, the phone rings. It’s Ken (Ken has been a mate for over forty years)

K: What you up to?

M: Not a lot. Cup of tea and chillin’.

K: Fancy a beer?

M: Ken, it’s Friday and I’ve got hockey tomorrow.

K: Just a couple of early ones, we won’t be late.

Right, drinking with Ken is always an early one, that never seems to end (there are loads of stories to be told) and always leads to me being extremely wasted and completely writing off the next day. So after a long conversation we come to an understanding.

M: Ok, two pints and I’m going home.

True to my word, well nearly, two pints and a cup of coffee, then home.

Saturday. As normal, up at six, a bit of breakfast and Netflix. I was right, my shoulder isn’t happy. some tender loving care will sort that out. Get dressed and walk the dog. Back from the walk, my mind turns to hockey. Kit bag sorted, stretching etc. done, I’m ready. 10 o’clock, I’m bored now. Oh, hold on, Sarah is going for breakfast with the Ladies 2s. Hmmm, might gate crash.

12.15. I say my goodbyes and head off. The hour and a half journey up north was a quiet and lonely one. As I was reaching the historic town of King’s Lynn I took a wrong turn and went through a large brick archway that can only be described as King’s Lynn’s answer to the Arc de Triomphe.

I arrive at the complex known as Lynnsport. Now this is an impressive complex that caters for every sport; I believe they even have a pool, darts and dominos centre. Oh, and the changing room had a sauna in it. How good is that? (Just a thought, Long Road)

Oh yeah, we played a game of hockey against the Pelicans. The game was a hard-fought battle with South having the better chances, but unable to finish them off. Everyone worked hard throughout the game, giving 100%. Final score two-all.

There were a few candidates for MoM, notably Mikey - hardworking and tenacious. But the vote went to James for not turning into the Incredible Hulk and getting carded. I even saw him shake someone’s hand during the game. Hmmm…new James! Could be.

LoM was a bit easier. Votes went to Harry C for being so needy, but the winner was Bhav for an awesome aerial that went twenty feet up and five feet forward.

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