8 - 2

Man of the match

Nik Patel

Great running all game

Paresh Parsot

Watching this man strike a hockey ball is delicious

Matt Puddefoot

Did he put a foot wrong all game?

Lemon of the match

Nik Patel

Fancied playing some of the game barefoot

M2s see off Wisbech Town with a Triumphant 8-2 Win at Home

Nik Patel

The M2s’ line up was strong and the addition of Paresh and Pearson further strengthened the squad. From the off, South dominated the game. The intensity and pure determination of the M2s could not be matched by Wisbech, who were simply outclassed.

The goal scorers were as follows: Chalky, Pearson and Ash bagged two goals apiece, while Nik and Menzies grabbed one goal each. There was almost another goal for South but this was disallowed. Pearson chested the ball down and fed the ball to Blair, who tucked it away. Blair celebrated like he’d won the Champions League final but this was short lived as the decision had been turned over and a sixteen given.

Moving on, I think that Blair’s attire needs mentioning. The combination of his tucked in shirt with his high-waisted shorts (Lee Cattermole-esque) was somewhat questionable. It’s probably also worth mentioning that we’d found a wild Menzies lying down on his own in the changing room pre-game. The struggle was real. Shout out to the skipper, Coops, for sacking off the M2s to look at wedding venues. Shocking behaviour!

A special mention to Chalky, who took a deflection to the Crown Jewels like a champ, and to Pearson for reaching his 99th goal for the club. South conceded two goals from short corners, which was unfortunate and led to the final score being 8-2. Man of the Match was shared three ways between Nik, Paresh and Puddefoot. Lemon of the match was a close call between Anns and Nik: Anns for bottling to take the penalty flick, but Nik took the deciding vote for losing his shoe mid-run. He needs to learn how to tie his laces. Overall the M2s had a superb game and the battle for promotion continues.

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