1 - 0

Man of the match

Blythe Murphy

Good runs up the right

Robyn Murray

Good tracking back and strong tackles

Lemon of the match

Maddy Barker

Saving a shot on goal of the line from Alice Hug (that was going in)

Katie Gibson

Thinking that we needed to eat beef otherwise cows would just run the world

L1s' Ode to Alice Wright

Katie Gibson

A request for this match report came from good old Al-Pal Wright herself: 'I'm leaving so I hope I feature heavily in the report.' Basically, Alice Wright - please don't go. It just won't be the same without you. I bet Alice Walker wouldn't have abandoned ship halfway through the season.

Secondly, I would just like to clarify that MoM votes do not cancel out LoM votes. So, despite her cracking play on the forward line, moving well and creating space, Maddy B also won herself joint LoM for saving Alice H's goal…sorry, 'deflecting it into the corner'.

I'm only bitter, Maddy, because now I have to write the match report…

The match was a bit of a tough one, physically and mentally. The Pelicans gave us a good fight and we tried hard to get that silly wee ball into that silly wee goal. But it just wouldn't happen. The first half was nil-all, with a few tumbles - unprovoked but amusingly dramatic - from Alice H and Flo winning the Oscars in that category.

Katie 'It's So Annoying' Gibson on the other hand was uncontested in winning the VMA and LoM for 'Best Female Artist' from amongst the South side. We expect her debut album 'Blackout Rage' to hit the shelves just in time for Christmas 2019, 'Angry Fist' dance move not included. Her musical talents were not wasted however, as I reckon they pushed the girls on to get their one-nil win over the Pelicans.

This is how it went. Some great defence from MoM-nominee Blythe, often found galloping up the wing to create pace and open attacking play. Captain Robyn unfortunately had to withdraw from the event after breaking her thumb in the first half. Alice Wright decided to set the score even and took a flying shot through the air…straight at the height of a Pelican defender - it's not tennis, Alice buddy.

There were a few tense moments when Pelicans got a speedy break, but stopped by Kim (another MoM nominee entitled 'Holding her own at the back with great distribution'). The winner of the overall award of MoM was jointly Robyn Murray and Blythe, Robyn Murray herself scoring the one and only goal of this 70 minute awards season. It came after some hard work with Alice Wright and her exciting play. The ball made it to the D; no-one really knew if South would come away with a goal but silky skills from Robs Murray nipped it past the keeper to win the game.

That's all from the red carpet (green astro) this week. Tune in next time for more from the L1s.

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