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Lou Tonkin

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Lemon of the match

Georgie Howling

Falling over A LOT!

So Close But Yet, So Far

Georgie Howling

Saturday brought St Ives 1s to us for our second meeting of the season, as well as Graham to Cambridge from the other side of the world. The first lesson of the day was that socks and sandals are not warm enough for a sideline manager to maintain comfort and focus.

With a big squad we hoped for big things. We set the ball rolling in the right direction with two cracking goals from Laura and Katie in the first half. We were using good ball pace and communication to make the most of our nifty movement and were timing passes effectively. Katie was having a solid game going forward and, with Robyn running all over, South looked to be in a strong position.

Our defence were holding strong in the D and were doing well to fend off the multitude of attacks from St Ives. Kim had two strong stops at the top of our D when running out fast from short corners, the first taking her stick flying as the ball came thundering in. Loopy was on fire and kept strong both on and off the ground. Hannah was displaying her usually high pace and setting the ball moving for the forwards. Maddie was getting those 50/50 balls and intercepting their play.

With a few moments of miss-communication (new Maddie and me tackling each other at the top of the D) we gave away a short and conceded a goal. Not long after, the same thing happened again!

We continued to fight the good fight but some of our jazz feet were getting left behind. Not even by putting my body on the line could we get back into the game and with the second fall I secured myself Lemon of the match. Blythe however took on my approach with more success, with great use of her stomach/boobs in some brilliant goalline defence. Shout out to Loopy for a great show and being our MoM. All in all, a solid game but sadly a four-two loss.

Sorry for any not mentioned - no vote, no mention!

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