3 - 1

Man of the match

Chris Walsh

Carried the midfield fight and burst forward to crack home our opening goal.

Lemon of the match

Tom Blair

Great conversion. Wrong sport.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Tom Blair

We open on a cold winter's day. Fears of match cancellations had been brewing throughout the week. However thanks to a great effort organised by Stu, the games were back on (at least the ones at South were).

The match against Bourne Beeping was an important one. They had crept up to fifth in the table and posed a real threat. Thankfully we had the squad to take them on. The game started strongly with most possession in South's favour, until suddenly a short was conceded and they somehow found the backboard: one-nil Bourne Deeping. This wasn't going to stop us though as we pressed on and a well worked play led to a great finish by Walshy: one-all.

The second half got underway as the sun was enjoying playing a game of hide and seek behind the clouds, changing the temperature from cold, to miserably cold. Agitations ran high as we fought for a second goal. I saw an opportunity to be a star when Ollie "Wizard" Lamming set me through on goal; there were visions of top bins finishes and the fans going wild. However in the end I decided to tee off on the ninth and sent the ball drastically wide and high. This did not help with the agitation which was further exaggerated two minutes later when the ref didn't give a potential free. I politely inquired, "Good sir, I believe you may have made a mistake there?" (at least that's what I thought I said), for which I was swiftly shown the green card.

We fought on and another well worked goal led to a strong finish from the wizard himself, followed up towards the end with a goal from Jack Chalk. The final whistle blew: three-one Cambridge South, on to a crucial game next week against Spalding 2s…

Let's try and keep this momentum going.

P.S. I have no comment on the rugby.

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