3 - 2

Man of the match

Flo Brimblecombe

A force like the wind!

Lemon of the match

Maddy Barker

Our resident Lemon

Derby Battle

Robyn McLean

Robyn’s version of the match report, because the actual match report by our Lemon Maddy was late:

We always knew it was going to be a tough game against Nomads as up until very recently they were sitting right beside us at third in the table. It was an incredibly windy day down at Long Road. With forecasted winds of up to 49mph, it wouldn’t just be Nomads we’d have to battle to get the win today; the elements were against us too.

Nomads started strong with a goal in the first three minutes, but we fought back and got a spectacular Laura Ludlow goal within the next three minutes. The match continued at the rocket pace it had started at: Nomads scored another very good goal during a well rehearsed short corner, but we weren’t going to hang around and lose this match, no, no.

With fire in our bellies we got another two goals before half time. Flo and Alice working nicely together in the D, Flo lifted the ball towards Alice who nailed it into the back of the net in a classic Alice-style goal. Flo however didn’t want to miss out being on the score sheet, so she hammered one into the back of the goal - another very classic Flo goal!

It was three-two to South at halftime and it stayed that way until full time with no goals being scored for either team in the second half.

Those were the goals. Lemon-worthy incidents of course came from our resident Lemon - Maddy Barker: 1) “Shall we have a team night out on Tuesday in Fez?” Absolutely not. 2) Falling over her feet and landing on her bum.

The actual match report from our Lemon:

With a day full of action, Cambridge South headed onto the astro with aspirations for three points this Saturday. After a lengthy warm up the game started with an unfortunate goal for Nomads in the first two minutes, waking the girls up. Luckily the Ladies 1s didn’t let this get to them, winning back an extrodinary goal moments afterwards from Laura Ludlow to equalise. The girls kept playing their game, gaining another goal from Flo… leading to a two-one advantage. Nomads wouldn’t leave without a fight, scoring another goal. This was however overshadowed by the amazing volley goal by Alice Hug (gaining her Man of the Match). This would end with Cambridge South three-two up at half time. The second half was less eventful but South kept their lead even after Maddy Barker decided to let her legs give way to gain another Lemon of the Match, making her the player to receive the most Lemon of the Match wins of all the ladies’ teams and possibly the club as a whole.

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