4 - 0

Man of the match

Zara Mann

Great goal & some scorching runs into the D!

Dani Arnold

Hat trick of goals!

Lucy Bedford

Tenacious defending, formidable first game back since Xmas!

Lemon of the match

Tuffers Davidson

Minor stick throwing tantrum aka "sass!"

Blowing Away the Opposition

Erin Weatherstone

It was a very, very windy day courtesy of Storm Erik but nothing was going to deter the L3s on our mission to continue the unbeaten streak we’ve had since Christmas (wooo, go us!).

In the first half there was great attacking play from Dani and Zara with Jas making some fab runs in the midfield. Some solid defending from the whole defence made sure Haverhill’s attack was kept under control. After the majority of the first half was dominated by South we were finally rewarded with a well deserved goal just before half time, courtesy of Zara.

In the second half, with one goal under our belts we settled into the game with the strong attacking play continuing. Rhi held strong on the press taking on the full force of the Haverhill hits and our defence continued to cause problems for the Haverhill forwards. Three more goals were scored in this half, a hat-trick for Dani! The second half was not without some drama with a few players from both sides getting slightly frustrated. A sassy stick throw from Tuffers earned her LoM for this match.

Final score four-nil!

MoM votes were split between seven different players!! There was a three way tie for MoM this week between Lucy, Zara and Dani with votes also for Rhi, Hannah, Lauren E and Louisa

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