3 - 0

Man of the match

Katy Leonard

Two-goal debut.

Lemon of the match

Zara Bradley

So many reasons, so little time to explain them all… Shouting in frustration as her team scored was probably the pick, though.

I've Got a F-ely-ing

Zara Bradley

Loopy did some fab saves and one-on-ones.

Scarlet and Katy turned out to be the wonder pair with some fantastic teamwork and passes between them.

Anna ran a lot and had good stick skills.

Fi had some amazing passes and good shots on goal.

Ginny did some good marshalling of the back line.

Bex had some aggressive play (the good kind) and good pressure on the ball.

Alexine had some really good ball skills and fab runs down the wings.

Olivia was super speedy.

Laura had some superb tackles and feeding from the back.

Annabel got super involved in chasing the ball.

Emily had some fab positioning and scored a goal.

Vicki had some really good clearances (apart from her epic dummy hit from the sixteen).

Savannah did some brilliant passes and creating space.

Katy got MoM for TWO really fab goals and lots of excellent movement; an amazing first league game showing huge potential for the future.

Zara, although making some good runs and very nearly scoring a goal, still got LoM for:

As Bhav would say, EXCELLENT HOCKEY played by all with some really strong presses, the majority of the play being in the opposition’s twenty-three, and some impressive switches from the back line.

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