5 - 1

Man of the match

Dan Loy

Great work rate capped by one of the most outrageous goals you'll see this year from a ball that literally wasn't even going vaguely in the direction of the goal.

Lemon of the match

Pip Ho

Apparently wins so many MoMs that they all blur into one…

Derby Days

Dan Loy

Derbies give humanity the opportunity for redemption. They give life, and meaning to living. They are also, however, usually an awful concoction of emotions spilling over and a physicality one normally expects in a Greco-Roman wrestling match.

Score at half time: 1-0 to Cambridge South

Score at full time: 5-1 to Cambridge South

The opposition were notionally more skillful at an individual level, were more experienced by far and, in many ways, the score line didn’t quite reflect the battle on the field that the game transpired to be.

Our depth on the bench, a superb manager on the sideline and excellent finishing from ‘Hat-Trick’ Joe were probably what swung it our way.

MoM Dan Loy was probably given too much credit with his clairvoyant substitution calls as well as his part in the final goal credited to the M3s. He suspects people just got lazy with writing match reports…

LoM Pip thoroughly deserved his votes. Moody, great play on the wings, and too many MoM votes in precious games. With teammates like us, who needs enemies?

Our next match is the REAL derby of the season. M2s…here we come…

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