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Man of the match

Ollie Scott

Lots of effort in midfield. And some skill as well.

Lemon of the match

Paul South

Pulled a Kepa Arrizabalaga and ignored Stu's increasingly desperate pleas to come on as the subs rotation dictated. At least it's topical…

South on South

Paul South

So with high hopes, Cambridge South 4ths lined up with what on paper was a strong team against second-positioned St Ives. Hopes that were unfortunately dimmed moments later when a momentary lapse of reason allowed a St Ives forward to collect the ball at the top of the D and, realising that there was no challenge coming, decided to shoot. His mistimed flick that, had it been taken cleanly, would easily have been saved by the well-positioned newly-returned Josh in goal, agonisingly looped across the face of the goal and dropped beyond the readjusting goalkeeper's pads into the goal.

Whilst not being the start Cambridge South were looking for, they rallied to the flag but despite this and some good attacking play, a good move by the St Ives midfield brought them the reward of another goal and a third was to follow for a three-nil deficit at half time. Incisive attacking play that saw the St Ives goalkeeper employed on a number of occasions had once again been repelled without reward.

At half time, South resolved to at least try to win the second half and began well, with more determination to win the ball across the park particularly by Oli S, and this gave dividends in a well worked goal for Rob. Despite this, St Ives scored a further goal to level up the half. Oli W Had another good chance with a one to one against the keeper but was well robbed and the match ended four-one to St Ives.

However, Cambridge South 4ths can take a lot from this game: there were good performances across the team and at no time did their heads go down. Josh acquitted himself well in goal despite the scoreline and the new Dan in midfield on his debut was solid and looked strong, helping to stabilise the centre, finding creative passes and connecting well with MoM Oli S, aiding his efforts in trying to wrest control from the St Ives midfield.

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