4 - 1

Man of the match

Lauren Eddy

"You shall not pass!" Mopping up in defense.

Lemon of the match

Emma Campbell

Fat lip & "Attempting to get frisky with the opposition multiple times."

We Did It! Yay!

Zara Mann

We all arrived at Long Road at 9.30 to give us a good hour for our pre-match talk and warm up to prepare for our game against City. Laurie gave a team talk about how we needed to win this game, as last time we were winning two-nil and near the end they managed to claw back and win. We also needed to stop them gaining points near the end of the season!

The game started at 10.30 and straight from the whistle South were awake and ready to go. Jas immediately made some strong runs on the left. The first goal came from a great run into the D and and excellent goal from Hannah very early on in the half. One-nil to South! The second goal came from a crowded D where Rhi gave a great pass to Zara on the post, who pushed it into the goal. Two-nil to South!

The second half started, following the trend of the first half with our midfield working hard with Erin, Grace, Louisa and Rebecca constantly working the ball up the pitch and this resulted in another goal from Hannah. Three-nil to South! However, it was noticeable that City were fighting back stronger and made some good breaks into our D, where Cassie made some great saves. City's runs were shut down quickly by Emma, Hayley, Jess and Lauren helped by Charlotte and Jas, who made some great tackles. Charlotte carried the ball up the pitch and this resulted in a great goal from just inside the D. Four-nil to South! Annoyingly City retaliated to this with a break up the pitch from a sixteen and slipped it past Cassie: four-one! The last ten minutes had both sides fighting; City to try and get more goals and South to keep on top with some more runs, challenging City’s keeper.

The final score was four-one to South! HOORAY!

Lauren got MoM as she defended everything that came towards our goal and played excellently at centre back, and Emma got a unanimous LoM for her fat lip and attempting to get a bit frisky with the opposition at several points in the match! There were also MoM nominations for Hannah (2) and one each for Jas, Charlotte, Hayley and Louisa, reflecting a brilliant team performance!

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