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Man of the match

Jo Dant

That Jo D skill and pace at its very best!

Lemon of the match

Jason 'JJ' James

Almost succumbing to the British weather!

It Never Rains It Just Pours…

Howard 'Assassin' Steed

The slightly unusual combination of bright sunshine and storm force winds greeted a full strength M5s team at 'Fortress Long Road'. Fortunately the toss went in our favour for only about the second time this season so the obvious choice was to play with the wind and sun behind us and blind/exhaust our opposition whilst we ran rampant over them. That was the theory anyway!

Making an overdue and welcome return to Long Road was long time CSHC centre back, James 'Sid' Siddorns…but alas, playing for the opposition.

Both teams started confidently with the home team's defence dealing with everything CoP could throw at us, but still requiring an occasional super-human save from keeper, Mikey G. Both teams battled hard but there was little to separate them. Our strategy of playing the wide channels out of defence seemed to be working well but we just couldn't quite finish the job on the occasions we managed to get players into the D.

Shortly before half time the skies darkened and the subsequent torrent mixed with the storm force winds sent players and umpires scurrying for cover, which of course there is very little of at Long Road… When are we going to get those dugouts, John? Fortunately the storm passed as quickly as it had arrived and the first half finished with nothing to separate the two teams.

The second half was played in much the same way as the first, with both teams defending well whilst creating chances on the break. Alas it was the visitors who broke the deadlock with two goals in quick succession that even our super-human keeper couldn't deal with. Undaunted, the home team continued to battle hard for the draw but the clock was against us.

A good spirited and closely fought game, which we were a little unlucky not to come away with a point from.

Jo D was a worthy MoM for some dazzling pace and skill on the right wing.

Despite some (not unexpected) competition from Andy T, JJ was clear LoM winner for pausing the game for what we'd describe in the UK as a 'light shower'… Does it not rain in South Africa or something? ;-)

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