2 - 1

Man of the match

Sarah Haddow

Fantastic sweeping.

Jess Woodhouse

Great interceptions and distribution.

Lemon of the match

Aoife Screaton

Turned up 40 minutes late after hunting for shin pads.

Izzy Echenique

Also turned up 40 minutes late after hunting for shin pads.

Derby Day Rap

Izzy Echenique

We put purple paint on our faces,
And tied our laces.
We thought it was showtime,
But the Threes were winning all the way till half time.
It was brutal and intense,
But our attackers and defence,
Managed to stop them from scoring again.

After a talk with Paul,
We managed to grow some balls,
And then Rebecca scored,
And we prayed to the lord,
That Louise would save the flick.
She’s a cool chick,
She saved the flick so we didn’t throw a fit.
Hannah was the next,
As her goal left everyone perplexed.

MoM went to Sarah and Jess as they played very well,
Izzy and Aoife got LoM as you can tell,
We were forty minutes late,
But please no hate.
We made a rap,
So we can recap, the scary game
Where the Twos nearly got put to shame.

Izzy and Aoife

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