0 - 2

Man of the match

Mike Gillingham

Made a series of impressive saves.

Lemon of the match

Tom Anns

What to say about this. Um. Not under-body-confident. Not over-shower-proficient.

Lurking in My Rumbling Undergrowth…

Tom Anns


One of the most mind-blowing, unique, and of course, dangerous board games out there, fell unexpectedly into the hands of the curious young teenager, Simon Cooper, back in 1969. Mysterious and magical, the game captured the unsuspecting boy in the lush and savage forests of the mythical JumAnnsji, only to release him nearly five decades later before the awed eyes of Cambridge South’s M2s.

Constantly, the wild beat of the tribal drums called for the now-adult Simon and the rest of the hesitant M2s players, as he who rolls the dice remains trapped inside until either:

Back in 2013, Cooper took on the captaincy of the M2s to try and use his leadership skills, honed in the bush, to push them up the East Hockey ladder. Some five years later and we were still in exactly the same place.

Specifically, on Saturday the M2s were in Long Sutton, home of ‘The Great Puddlefoot Elbow Disaster’ of 2017. Matt had travelled with revenge on his mind, revenge to be served ice cold.

Sadly it wasn’t to be, as our pre-match game plan of shutting down the big blonde lad resulted in the big blonde lad creating one worldie and scoring another.

We roll the dice again next week.

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