2 - 1

Man of the match

Mariano Rosenzvaig

Two goals to settle the game.

Lemon of the match

Ali Edge

Spent most of the game on the floor.

George Toynton

Put most of the pizza on the floor.

I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Ali Edge

With relegation battles a distant memory, the M3s found themselves comfortably mid-table, and with little left to play for other than pride and the love of hockey. Captain Matt sent the team out with orders to enjoy themselves and relax. Some of us took that a little too literally, and spent most of the first half lying down. A fairly scrappy game ensued, with neither team quite wanting to take things by the scruff of the neck. First blood went to South though, with another goal from a short (something of a theme in the second half of this season), Mariano deflecting a straight strike from Joe. Bourne Deeping were level before the first half ended - a penalty flick calmly put away after a Deeping shot found Adam on the line.

The second half was probably best described as one for the purists, though both sides had decent opportunities to grab the lead. No-one managed to until the dying seconds, when Mariano took it upon himself to pick up the ball, drive at the D, and bury an unstoppable shot into the far corner. There was just enough time for a centre pass before the final whistle. Another three points earned, and with a record high league points and position still possible, maybe there are a couple of things left to play for in the upcoming weeks.

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