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Man of the match

Kim Cooil

So solid in centre midfield, smashing workrate and distribution.

Lemon of the match

Katie Gibson

Taking the wrong turning pre-match & getting disorientated post match with regards to where the pitch was.

To be a Lemon, One Must Dress Like a Lemon

Katie Gibson

To be honest, I really liked Maddie's new citrus-fresh jumper. Brought some sunshine to the otherwise windy, grey, and freezing cold day. I mean sunglasses were a necessity for those around her but I think she pulled it off. The girls left Cambridge prepped (banana crew en route) and ready for a tough game against St Ives 2nd XI, battling skilful players and the wind. Blythe's infamous warm up (life coaching) got everyone in high spirits and keen to show the opposition what we were made of.

The match was kickstarted at St Ives Astro around 12.30 on Saturday afternoon. The first half didn't go as well as we'd hoped, conceding first to a strong attack from the St Ives side, although our defence rallied and made sure that was the only goal stolen from us for the entire match. With some solid play in the centre by captain Robyn, the team in green just couldn't get another goal. Yay!

We ended the first half with a cracking goal from Maddie B. She dived in front of the keeper, putting herself on the line to net a strong pass into the D from Kim. Who, I think, played both defence and forward and maybe a stint in midfield as well throughout the game?! She deservedly was declared (by us and herself) an all round superstar of the match and won MoM, although this was closely contested by Flo who put in another determined performance with commendations for her movement going forward. She was even spotted picking herself off the floor with a clap and exclamation of, 'Let's play.' Talking of picks, Emily also had quite a few noticeable picks and was a real asset throughout the midfield. Although I think she gets minus points for blabbing about her car journey to this far destination. Who doesn't enjoy a whistle stop tour of the Stagecoach depot? There were only two people in my car but I got an awful lot more Lemon votes… Nic also had a moment of madness, leaving her stick in the goals at half time, which then had to be couriered off after her as the whistle went for the second half to start!

The second half was a hard fight with some great runs up the wing by Laura, but alas neither team could score again. Feeling battered and bruised, we ended with a one-all draw and eagerly headed for teas and slush puppies. Somewhere on the way back to the club house, St Ives cleverly moved their pitch round to the opposite side of the hedge, just enough to confuse me (and I bet others who just didn't own up to it). Last time I checked there was a running track by the side of the pitch and it wasn't there when we were at teas. I did geography A Level and know my west from my east, so you may have fooled the rest of the team but not me. I know you moved the pitch. Safe to say, the Lemon votes came flooding in and here I am again on Sunday night writing the match report.

Apologies if it's less than accurate and less hockey than shenanigans but if you wanted the hockey you should've come and watched. All we have to say at the end of the day is, 'Bring it on, Pelicans.' Or Peterborough. Whoever we've got next.

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