8 - 1

Man of the match

Louise Walker

Quality over quantity: one superb goal from Lou got more votes than six good ones from Jess!

Lemon of the match

Zara Bradley

Back of the net.

0 GD

Tess Skyrme

This week saw the L4s get one our best results yet. We scored eight goals in this penultimate match of the season and conceded only one; it was awesome.

Trying out a 4-4-2 formation, we were unwaveringly solid at the back from the outset, and throughout the game Sammy and Katie relentlessly got the ball out of danger and up to our midfield. It wasn’t long before we got a good break and Jess smacked her first goal against the Huntingdon backboard. Lifted by this, Nicole, Anne and Lou kept up the momentum in our midfield. Regularly using the width to get some crosses in to our D saw Jess get another. We kept battling through the first half with Annabel repeatedly wrangling the ball from the opposition and Vicky pressuring their attackers enough to stop any Huntingdon threats. However, seconds before the half time whistle we gave away a short corner which led to us conceding a goal. But our spirits were soon lifted as keeper Zara was caught by a guest of wind and fell backwards through her own goal, feet in the air and helped back up by some laughing teammates. We were up two-one.

Feeling strong, but wary of the reduced lead, there was only one option - Percy Pigs. Fuelled up on sugar, a pep talk from Laura and a questionable combination of E-numbers, we went into the second half with heaps of energy. Some fantastic passing between Alex and Lou and balls up the line to Tess quickly resulted in Jess’s first hat-trick of the game. We had started to suss this team out and were holding our formation and looking increasingly dominant. A dodgy cross from Tess in the D rebounded of a defenders foot into the goal, and after some controversy took the score to four-one.

Soon after Lou found herself charging into the D with defenders preoccupied by Nicky and Jess. In a moment of truly ‘excellent hockey’ she lifted the ball at pace into the net, well out of reach of the keeper. It was sensational and earned Lou MoM.

We ended up spoilt for choice of fab players this week as by the end of second half Jess had earned herself a SECOND hat-trick! The final whistle blew at eight-one.

Despite a smattering of injuries and maladies worrying most of the squad, we pulled off a cracking result, all washed down with a chip butty and couple of J2Os. A great match that made the early 8.30 meet well worth it.

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