2 - 2

Man of the match

Zara Bradley

Scoring her first ever goal, EVER!

Lemon of the match

Zara Bradley

For being extremely hungover. Rumours are this may have occurred before, maybe once or twice, possibly...

Zara’s First Goal (ever)

Louise Walker

This was another excellent and enjoyable match for the L5s. Zara arrived very hung over (tried to blame George for this) and was ill a few times before the match. It was going to take a spectacularly lemon-worthy incident from someone else to steal the citrus crown, and no-one managed it.

There was some excellent defensive work in this match. Letchworth had 2 short corners early on which were successfully saved and cleared. Sarah, Alex, Laura and Sammy were strong and consistent with their man marking throughout. Alex did a great job of hassling and channelling away attacking players, and Sarah made some great clearances and accurate hit outs.

There was excellent play down the wings from Eloise and Sammy B, both showing great ball skills and some will timed tackles. Elaine worked really hard and managed to be everywhere in midfield, and all of this helped us to win and retain the ball more successfully that in last week’s game.

South won a short corner about mid way through the first half. Zara took the strike, Fi had a follow up shot and after a bit of a scramble, Bex finished it off to put South in the lead. South continued to play excellent hockey. Eventually Letchworth made it through our defense and round Lou to score an equaliser.

We entered the second half in positive mode and eager to win. Zara put us back in the lead with a shot that went in via a defender’s stick, scoring her first goal not only for South but in her life, and quite rightly was very excited. It proved to be a vital one soon, as Letchworth scored a skilful equaliser, drawing the defense away and getting a clever looping shot.

Overall another fantastic match. If this report is a bit defense focused it’s cos I can’t see very well what’s going on in the other D! Zara was the clear and well deserved MoM for her goal but a spread of votes for the rest of the team reflects how well we played together as a team.

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