1 - 5

Man of the match

Charlotte Wilson

Great skills and the scorer of the L5s' first goal

Lemon of the match

Louise Walker

Trying to steal a pair of trainers from one of the Ely team

Back Again

Louise Walker

We returned to Ely again this week for a friendly, taking advantage of the fact that Ely 2s had a week off league action this week. Even though they had only nine players they still made a strong opposition, showing why they are at the top of the league. Good man-marking in defence was required to limit their attempts on our goal, and the final score of five-one was almost twice as good as last week's result, so clearly the work we have been doing in training has paid off. As a team we made better use of the whole pitch and have improved the links between midfield and forward lines. Man of the match was Charlotte for excellent all round play, great running and possession, which was rewarded with a great goal.

Late in the first half, an Ely player limped off after being hit on the ankle by a 16 hit-out. An early and extended half time break took place as her team mates anxiously checked if she was ok, and eventually went to A&E with concerns of a possible break - we hope it's not, and that she will recover soon. This left Ely further depleted so Jo and Phil kindly switched over to join the opposition in order to keep the match even.

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