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Man of the match

Katie Hunter

Solid defending

Lemon of the match

Samantha Andrews

Subbing on without a stick

The Secret is Out

Harriet Stanley

Hi, my name is Harriet and I have an addiction to hockey.

The week was a struggle to find a match but Jan pulled through for us and found us a game against the Hitchin Blueharts.

The game started with only ten players on the pitch as Sammy and Eloise’s dad unfortunately managed to put in the wrong post code (giving him at least one or two LoM votes) but despite this we started with lots of energy and surprised the Blueharts with our strong communication and defence.

In the first half we had at least five chances to score, including an epic shot from Pauline that we watched almost in slow motion as it just missed the goal.

The defence worked extremely hard to keep the Blueharts from scoring and Katie proved to be the star of the match with some absolutely amazing tackles and clearances, giving her man of the match!

At some point during the match (clearly my mind had drifted to thinking about going for the team curry that night) the Blueharts manged to get the ball past Lou, giving them the lead. Although might I add that Lou, a natural goal keeper, had a fantastic game with some great stick saves!

Although the score says we were defeated it certainly didn’t feel like it. We gave the Blueharts (second in their league) a good run for their money - yes, pun intended - and the game really showed how we’re working well as a team and applying Bhav’s training tactics to the match.

The LoM vote goes to Sam for subbing on in the second half without the stick and not realising until Katie asked where her stick was.

Thank you section:

Thanks to Jan for organising the match. We would’ve had twelve very sad players without a game this week!

Another thank you to Andi C for volunteering to umpire the game. Again, without him we wouldn’t have been able to play!

Lastly thank you to Mrs Stanley for saving the day and buying our hockey teas after being horrified to find out that Blueharts couldn’t offer teas as they are having their clubhouse rebuilt at the moment. MoM vote for best mum ever?!

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