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Man of the match

Oliver Rubinstein Baylis

Outstanding Performance Throughout the Game!

Lemon of the match

Sean Gardiner

Outstanding performance; won a number of MoM votes. Downstanding altercation with nice umpires; won even more LoM votes.

Truth is in the Eye of the Beholder…

Sean Gardiner

Well what to say? The score line isn't a true story of the match…

We all played well in long periods of the game, but it's true to say we scored one out of about ten chances. We need to improve that ratio somewhat me thinks.

They had half the chances and scored four: The True Story of the 5s' season…

A true story of the ringers as well - it's funny that they lent us a young player [Jonah played great], but kept the ringer.

Maybe the truest moments of the match were young Jonah 'nutmegging' their older players at the back; a true YouTube moment or what?

I think that because Andy was not there, I got Lemon. How true? I don't know… But I'll take it! I'll be true to myself: passionate and vocal!

Onward to the next match… Let's score goals, guys!

This is your true Lemon with the match report, truly signing off…

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