0 - 2

Man of the match

Charlotte Wilson

Held the fort at the back with strong tackling and good ball distribution

Lemon of the match

Chris Pearson

Switched teams half-way through. Saved a goal for South (while playing for his new team). Was also spotted ducking down to send one of his team-mates flying

How to make a recipe for disaster... A Mixed Game Cake

Kim Cooil



Preheat the astroturf to approximately 2 degrees C. Crack some static hits into an open goal as a warm-up and talk about how to beat the opposition.

Measure out the teams so that Harry, Rhi and Stephen play for the opposition and we have ourselves some serious competition.

Whisk the ball around the pitch with MOM Charlotte putting in some excellent tackles and passing the ball well.

Mix in the opposition scoring two goals, Hannah and Ollie running all day long and some opposition falls courtesy of Katie’s dazzling skill and Chris’ bumbling body.

Add in a bit too much gin and vodka, bake for a long night and the mixture will fail to rise - sadly this is what happened to South Mixed team... it’s safe to say we had some nice periods of play but were generally not cooking at full pace.

Leave the ingredients and wait for the pizzas to turn up while talking to friends in the clubhouse.

Add a squeeze of lemon votes for Andy T for coming completely unprepared for hockey, for Kim for throwing her stick down in anger only for it to rebound and hit her. Grate the zest of lemon on top for Pearson’s mutiny to the opposition. Bake for a few hours at Addenbrookes (sorry Rhi).

Take out of the oven using gloves so as not to break any fingers (thank goodness!).

Add on a baby dressed as a pink marshmallow and a few straggling supporters for decorative effect.

Wait to cool before tucking in. In the end, it may not taste like victory, but the flavour isn’t that bad at all.

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