3 - 1

Man of the match

Katie Hunter

Solid defence as always

Jess Foord

Epic goals

Lemon of the match

Zara Bradley

For voting herself MOM

Harriet Stanley

For getting up early to buy a speaker for pre match hype only to find that it wasn't portable...

Bhav's Babes

Zara Bradley

The weekend really started post training on Thursday night with a trip to the pub and the creation of Bhavs Babes a collaborative spotify playlist featuring all the cheesiest tunes. On request I spent my Friday lunch break buying any variation of percy pigs that were in the hospital (4 bags would be enough right?) While Harriets Saturday started with a trip to argos to get a portable Bluetooth speaker, my day started with bacon rolls- therefore saving everyone from my poached egg predictions again (which were just a week early). On arrival to Long Road Harriet very excitedly got out the world’s biggest portable speaker which on closer inspection we discovered it was in fact a bluetooth speaker but definitely not portable. Therefore winning her joint LOM.

We arrived to Stevenage full of energy and excitement and with about an hour to warm up. We took carpool karaoke (obviously to the best playlist going) from the car to the pitch with some interesting moves (the boomerangs that didn’t make it onto insta speak for themselves). The game started strong with some really good play from both teams, but South’s communication and drive and the buzz from Jess’ first goal keep spirits high along with the continued singing and chants from the side lines. Stevenage made some good breaks but Ginny, Katie, Eloise and Lydia were always there to stop them. The second goal scored by Tess who seems to have found a new position going from defence to forward.

With a quick halftime talk, 4 bags of Percy pigs and oranges we were well fuelled for the second half. We started strong fired up from the Percy pigs and with a win in sight we weren’t about to calm down but nor were Stevenage. I narrowly avoided a head injury with my crazy quick reactions taking a stick to the shoulder, my biggest achievement of the season was not crying on the pitch (apparently you can’t vote yourself MOM for this). Everyone is now getting daily updates on my arm whether they like it or not. Sorry not sorry. Don’t remember much after this as was still focusing on keeping my tears inside but Jess scored another goal with some great passes from the mids. Ending the game 3-1 to us, a very excited, sugar hyped, and slightly injured team. We proceeded to a very lovely teas in which my tears finally spilled over resulting in votes for LOM.

All the best things come in twos so we had both joint MOM and LOM this week with MOM going to Katie for some amazing play, great passes and being an all-round winner and Jess for scoring two of those all important goals. Votes also went to Ellen, Nicole and Tess (apparently mine didn’t count).

A special thank you to Rob for being the timer/phone holder/boomerang taker/Harriets MOM (therefore winning her more LOM votes). Apparently you can’t vote for yourself or significant other for MOM, therefore ending with us as joint LOM.

Calories burned: 1100 (just about enough for Zara to down a bottle of Caribbean Twist before the social)

p.s. we're currently working on a L4s montage... watch this space

Zara's Epic Bruise Victory Photo 

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