Squad (2018-2019): Men's 4th XI

Player Stats

Match reports by John Greaves

31-Mar-18Win Number 19 to Finish a Fine Season
24-Mar-18Champions Finish With a Win, By George!
10-Mar-18Quite Friendly

Latest match awards

22-Sep-18Lemon of the Match
10-Mar-18Lemon of the Match
28-Oct-17Man of the Match

End of Season Awards

2011-2012Men's 3rd XI Outstanding Contribution

Committee Positions

2018-2019 Chairman
2017-2018 Chairman
2017-2018 Men's 4th XI Captain
2016-2017 Men's 4th XI Captain
2016-2017 Chairman
2015-2016 Men's 4th XI Captain
2015-2016 Chairman
2014-2015 Men's 4th XI Captain
2014-2015 Chairman
2013-2014 Chairman
2012-2013 Chairman
2011-2012 Chairman
2010-2011 Men's 3rd XI Captain
2010-2011 Chairman
2009-2010 Men's 3rd XI Captain
2008-2009 Men's 3rd XI Captain
2007-2008 Men's 3rd XI Captain
2006-2007 Men's 2nd XI Captain
2005-2006 Men's 2nd XI Captain
2004-2005 Men's 2nd XI Captain
2003-2004 Men's 2nd XI Captain
2002-2003 Men's 2nd XI Captain
2001-2002 Men's 2nd XI Captain