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Man of the match

Jasmine Ong

Great drives, turns & set up lots of our opportunities

Lemon of the match

Charlotte Wilson

Left stick bag/kit in Cambridge, resulting in parental A14 exchange having already been to Bury & back! Not satisfied with this, she also left her phone at teas…

The Most Glorious Draw!

Hannah Muncey

The team headed off for an early start in Bury, to face their closest opponents in the league. The early rise appeared a little too early for Charlotte, who forgot her stick bag in the excitement to get to the pitch on time. However, with the rest of the team raring to go we roared onto the pitch and got off to a strong start.

Very evenly matched, both teams played some great hockey in the first half, but no breakthroughs. On to the second half and Grace took a tumble…over her own feet, Ani hit someone on the floor and Erin had some very near misses on goal.

However disaster struck in the last three minutes when Bury had a rare shot on goal and hit the backboard, despite Ana’s fabulous goalkeeping throughout the game! With minutes to spare, the team shot back up the pitch, some excellent hockey was played, Jas was as awesome as ever at nipping around their players and creating opportunities (earning her a well deserved MoM) and finally Erin struck gold with her debut goal for South and our crucial equaliser! The fans went wild (the team and Charlotte’s mum on the sideline) for the most glorious draw of the season!

The post-match excitement led Charlotte to have her second forgetful moment of the day, leaving her phone at teas, therefore securing herself LoM status.

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