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Annie Quantrill

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Annie Quantrill

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Twenty-Four Hours of Such Fun

Annie Quantrill

After much anticipation as to whether the match was going to be on, we got the go ahead saying it was definitely on due to some marvellous pitch sweeping by some of the men the night before and in the morning, after a new dump of snow arrived. Thankfully our match was at 3pm, that’s all I’m saying…

It was a tough start but with a South press we managed to keep Sudbury out of our D with goalkeeper Louise only touching the ball once! Izzy told us not to panic if we didn’t do our famous goal within five minutes. We always listen to Izzy, so didn’t and within fifteen minutes we went one-nil up. A goal scored by Sarah with fun attacking play up the right from the fun little crew at the back, through to the front with fun linking passes from Izzy to Sarah and great positioning in the D. A strong hit from the top of the D by Sarah flew straight past the defenders and the goalie, which gave us our first fun goal of the day! Such fun!

Half time talk and the fun Paul showed great support as ever, giving us a much needed team chat along with our fun little bag of jelly babies. This sorted us right out and we were ready to go: this match wasn’t going to end one-nil.

We started stronger than ever. Nifty little passes through the back line of H, Ellie, Jenny and Lauren moved the ball up to Annie. With a cheeky fun little run down the wing, Annie hits the ball to Jess who slots it towards the post for a fun finish from Eimear who, perfectly positioned on the post, swipes it in! Two-nil.

Not finished yet, we take up our final fun goal of the match and what a goal to finish on. A fun short corner with a fun line up of Eimear, Izzy MP, H, Annie, Ellie, Jenny, Jess, Aoife, Lauren, Hannah, Sarah, Dani A, Grace and Louise (a fun little way to make sure everyone was mentioned!). We had all options covered on this short corner; we had a few fun left slips and a few fun right slips not to mention a fun bit of backing up from Jess. The ball was injected from Hannah, Izzy slipped the ball to Dani A who dribbled round the keeper to finish us off, three-nil up.

A solid fun win of three-nil. That’s my girls.

…The fun didn’t stop there though…

It was a quick stop at the pub for Jess’s much-looked-forward-to chip butties, before all heading off to get well prepared for the fun night that lay ahead of us!

Rocking up at Izzy’s fun lil crib, we gathered before heading to the Hop and Grain to join the social and ordering one too many Parma Violet gins with Lemonade (such a fun drink to recommend!) After a revamp of the DJ’s music by H, and Jess becoming a bar tender with her tonic on the tap, we headed over to Lola’s (a rogue turn of events). With our fun Lola’s wrist bands we headed straight on in and boogied the night away with a few little wardrobe changes. The most fun night with the most fun team.

Oh and of course, the night ended with an obligatory trip down to Maccies, this time going rogue on the nugs with a chicken burger. Cheeky but fun.

And that concludes the L2s’ twenty-four hours of fun.

Love you all,

xoxo Annabel

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