6 - 0

Man of the match

Jenny Taylor

Dominated the field.

Lemon of the match

Dani Kilsby-Steele

Managed to get her hair tangled in the football goal.


Dani Kilsby-Steele

Following Jan’s preview we all knew what we needed to do today, and we didn’t disappoint. A team full of ten-out-of-ten players, trained by a ten-out-of-ten coach, walked on to the pitch at 3pm with every intention of becoming champions of 4NW(S).

The first half was a little nervous, and Newmarket certainly weren’t in the mood to make things easy for us. We applied some strong pressure in the attacking half, but Newmarket made some good touches and had a couple of convincing breaks. However, our press was strong, forcing Newmarket to pass the ball wide and high, opening up the first few opportunities. There were a few near misses and the Newmarket goalie cleared another couple. Finally, at the end of the first half, following a scramble around the goalmouth, Dani A with perfect skill and timing pulled off a clean reverse flick over the fallen goalie for our first goal! The first half finished with us in the lead after Ana made a fantastic save to sweep the ball off the goal line.

The team talk was delivered by our super captains, and we realised we all needed to play a little smarter rather than harder and to work around the Newmarket players with strong, clean passing. The second half started well, and any balls which did stray were cleanly swept back up the pitch by H, Charlotte and Grace, who certainly didn’t need a sub today!

Jenny played a blinder in the sweeper role, flying through layers of Newmarket players with her slick stick skills. The press continued to force Newmarket wide and Jas showed off her pace and determination, dribbling the ball up the left flank to create more opportunities for South and putting herself in a fantastic position to score a beautiful goal.

We had a few practice shorts which didn’t go in, but then we hit the mark with good passing between Izzy and Dani A in the D allowing Dani A to flick the ball into the goal, followed by a cracker of a strike from Izzy to add to the goal tally.

For my own part, I haven’t scored all season, so finding myself in a one-on-one ‘ball stuck between two sticks scenario’, I persevered to win the ball (and send the opposition’s stick flying) and somehow the ball (I am told, very slowly) made its way past the keeper and just managed to roll over the goalline! Dani A then completed her standard hat-trick performance for the second week in a row to bring the final score up to six-nil.

As the whistle called final time, the “champagne” (all non-alcoholic of course) found its way on to the pitch and we all celebrated and posed for photos for the Cambridge News, enjoying another solid performance and most importantly confirming our Champions title and our promotion! This season has been a true team performance and very well deserved – congratulations everyone!

LoM was me for getting tangled up in a football goal retrieving a ball. MoM went to the fantastic Jenny for continuous drives up the middle.

And just in case anyone had any doubt:-

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