7 - 1

Man of the match

Laura Ludlow

Just loves scoring a hat-trick against Alford.

Lemon of the match

Maddy Barker

Burns victim Maddy - trying to put a fire out with her bare hands.

Magnificent 7

Robyn McLean

When we played Alford at the start of the season in Skeggy we lost five-three, so you could say we were out for revenge on Saturday when we took them on at home.

The weather couldn’t decide what it was doing: hot, sunny, windy and raining - to wear or not to wear a thermal, you ask?!

Our pre-match team talk in the changing room was made eventful when poor Maddy Barker arrived with third degree burns on her hands. Turns out she tried to put out a burning jumper with her hands. She didn’t play the match but that didn’t stop her from getting Lemon of the match. She is okay though!

So the game! It took us a little while to get into the match but when we settled we dominated possession for the majority of the first half, which was reflected in the score line as it was four-nil at the break.

Second half, Alford came out strong but we held them out. We scored another three goals but lost our clean sheet when the decision was made to award a P-flick against Loopy… And they scored, making it seven-one.

Of course as we were playing Alford there wasn’t a chance we’d come away from the seventy minutes injury-free: both Robs came out with nasty gashes.

Our goal scorers:
Hat-trick Laura (3)
Got her gash out Robs (2)
Aggy Alice (2)

Multiple good performances on Saturday with the MoM nominations reflecting that, Alice, Carly, Robs all getting votes but hat-trick Laura came out on top!

Three points in the bag and important goal difference points gained!

To celebrate we had a team social - MEXICAN NIGHT. What’s that meme? Oooh, stories. Far too much tequila. piñata smashing.

“I promise I didn’t poo in the piñata, but I did get my gash out.”

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