0 - 2

Man of the match

Lou Tonkin

Worldie saves!

Lemon of the match

Alice Hug

For saying she could play and then sitting the majority of the game out injured with a bad back.

Tough at the Top

Alice Hug

It was a beautiful sunny day at Long Road as we stepped onto the pitch following a hopefully promotion inducing win from the M2s.

With two games left of the season we wanted to finish on a high. Inspired by the performance of the M2s, with Southern crowds out in force cheering from the sideline, the girls were pumped and ready to take on the top of the league. This CoP side (Peterborough, Katie, not Pelicans) have won every game this year apart from one which they drew, so our aim of stealing three points from the league toppers was a tough ask.

We set out with Dave’s 3/4 press in mind, forcing the league champions to just transfer around the back. "ALL DAY LONG!" we'd shout as they yelled, "SCENARIO"…whatever that means. However things took a turn for the worse when I managed to injure my back about four minutes into the match, so retired and sat on the sideline telling people what to do for the next sixty-six. Definitely didn't deserve Lemon but here we are…

I popped several co-codamols so the rest of the match is a haze to say the least.

Final score was two-nil and although we didn't get the three points we were after it was still a decent game. Good luck to CoP as they take on Div 1 next year! Last year they finished the league third and this year they've won it. That is good motivation for us, as we currently sit in third place.

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